Welcome to the Professional Dog Walkers Association (PDWA)

Professional Dog Walkers Association aims:

The general ethos of our organisation is that we work and expect our members to work with kindness and consideration towards the animals in their care and to all the humans that we come in to contact with along the way:

The dog walking industry is currently one of the UK's fastest growing industries for new small business start ups but is unregulated. We care about the industry as a whole and work alongside other industry professionals to help improve areas of concern for the dog walkers, clients, members of the public by working with insurance companies, councils, other bodies and professional dog walkers. We believe that dog walking is about giving the dog/s a safe, structured walk mixed with fun, games, plenty of exploring, enrichment and bonding:

  • Provide information and assistance to the public who may be looking to employ a dog walker.

  • To establish an excellent standard of service on a nationwide basis.

  • To help protect and nurture genuine, dedicated, new and existing dog walking businesses by providing support to and a voice for the dog walking industry.

  • Advocate that our members do not bring the dog walking industry into disrepute.

  • Advocate a maximum of 4 well behaved dogs be walked by one professional dog walker at any one time in a public area.

  • Advocate kind methodology and equipment.

  • Establish local networks of dog walking associates to discuss local issues, fun days and charity fund raising.

  • Work with dog walking business insurance companies to ensure that safety of all parties in providing affordable, appropriate cover.

  • Provide informative reviews of appropriate topics and products.