Complaints Process – About a Member


A Member is defined as any individual or business who has paid a membership subscription to the Association, regardless of membership status, a member of the Committee and / or support forum Administrator or Moderator.


A complaint must clearly state, as a minimum: 


  • Against whom the complaint is made
  • What the nature of the complaint is
  • When the incident occurred
  • Where the incident occurred
  • Present evidence, such as independent witness, photographic, video or written
  • Why the incident is serious enough to be a complaint
  • How the incident brings the PDWA and / or Member and / or Industry into disrepute


The Association Committee must duly investigate any complaint about a member.

The Member has the right to a fair investigation and hearing.

The Association will respond to the complainant in writing within 3 working days of receipt to acknowledge receipt of a complaint and outline the procedure of initial investigation with the Member.

The Association will provide a 7 working day response period for the Member to respond.

Should the Member not respond the Association Committee within the time frame, the Association Committee will jointly decide an outcome.

The Association Committee will jointly decide if the complaint is justified or not.

The Association Committee’s decision is final.

Penalty Awards against a Member

The member may be given one or more of the following penalty awards as a result of a complaint being upheld or a non-response to the complaint:  

  • Formal written reprimand.
  • Suspension from membership or office or other voluntary duties for a defined period.
  • Expulsion from membership
  • Prohibition from holding membership or office or undertaking other voluntary duties within the Association at any or specific level for a defined period.
  • Removal from office or other voluntary duties.


The Committee may uphold a complaint but not find the matter so serious as to justify expulsion or suspension.  In this case the Subject can be informed in writing that, although the complaint has been upheld, expulsion or suspension has been considered inappropriate, but they are warned as to their future conduct.  In this case a formal written reprimand is appropriate.  Such a formal letter of reprimand will be issued by the Association Committee within one working day following the Committee’s decision.