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Our organisation (PDWA) is a recently established, national trade association set up by an ex dog walking professional for dog walking professionals with the aim of setting industry standards by implementing professional and ethical values.

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Please note, whilst every effort has been made to ensure the integrity of our members’ businesses at their time of joining we are not responsible for them as individuals or as a business or validity of their documentation going forward.

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Love Your Paws

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I offer a range of services from group walks, private walks,

home visits, dog sitting services and my dogs on holiday pet sitting service in your holiday accommodation, day care and walks.

I have experience of working with reactive dogs, both in rescue kennels and because I have one of my own.  I am happy therefore to walk reactive dogs following a period of time to get to know them and their specific needs.

My life long love of dogs has led me to this point - offering a reliable, knowledgable and friendly dog walking and pet service in West Cornwall. After completing a degree in social work I decided I needed some time out which led me to volunteer at the local rescue centre; an amazing experience that has taught me so much about dogs and made me realise that working with dogs is exactly what I want to do!

I own 2 rescue dogs, a 9 year old collie cross, Ness, and a 5 year old collie, Sam, and although I love them both, they couldn't be more different. Sam has some very challenging behaviours, and although he's come a long way, he is definitely a work in progress and keeps me on my toes! He has also taught me a lot, and I am a better dog owner because of him. I am more patient, I have read numerous books on dogs, learnt how to read the subtleties in his body language, undertaken courses and he's the reason why I wanted to help other rescue dogs.

Working in the rescue centre and having a reactive dog I am really happy to be able to offer a service to both well rounded confident dogs and to those who may be nervous or reactive. I meet all dogs, and their owners, before taking them out for walks to make sure that both you and your dog are comfortable with me and to give you the chance to tell me all about their likes and dislikes so that they can enjoy heir time with me. If you have a dog with some 'quirky' behaviours and have worried that having a dog walker wouldn't work for you, or your dog, please get in touch. I can come and discuss your dogs needs, meet them and allow them as much time as possible to get to know and build a bond. I use only positive methods and, although I am in no way a dog trainer, can use my experience and training to help your dog build positive associations whilst out on walks. I can also come to your house to visit your elderly dog, poorly dog or puppy, give them a chance for an outside break, and entertain them with games and cuddles.

My dog walking 'career' started when I lived in the USA and within our friendship group everyone worked long hours and split shifts in a tourist town; so whoever wasn't working picked up all the dogs and walked them! It was an informal arrangement that worked brilliantly, and made sure that all our dogs (a mixed bunch!) had a long walk every day. It was great for Ness and her socialisation as a youngster and instilled in me the importance of dogs having positive experiences with other dogs and people; it is essential for their mental well being.

A friendly, reliable and experienced dog walking & pet service offering group, private walks & home visits in Hayle, St Ives, Camborne & surrounding areas.